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Based in San Diego, CA, Chineworth is an intimate real estate team capable of balancing the tenacity of sales and creatively putting deals together. Powered by Link Brokerages' technology platform, Chineworth Agents are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to assist clients with ease and create seamless transaction experiences.

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Terrence Chineworth

Terrence is from Chicago, IL and has extensive Real Estate experience in varying markets—both in the US and internationally. As an Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker for 7 years and a Sales & Leasing Manager at The City Shore Group for 6, Terrence boasts strong business management and negotiation talents, along with a strong background in Real Estate investment. To every transaction, he brings a genuine concern for people's needs, combined with excellent taste, design sense, and market knowledge.

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London, UK

Single Family Sale

Chicago, IL

Single Family Sale

Chicago, IL
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We have strategic partnerships with technology, design, and other real estate companies to provide the best brokerage experience for our agents and the best transaction experience for our clients.


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